Number of Apartments?

29 Apartments

Breakdown of Apartments per level?

Level G - Foyer and Visitor Parking

Level 1 - 3 residences per floor

Levels 2 to 5  -  4 residences per floor

Level 6  -  3 residences per floor

Levels 7 to 9 - 2 residences per floor

Level 10  -  1 residence 

Facilities Areas

Heated Plunge Pool & Gym on Level 1

Residents Barbecue area and Recreational Space on Rooftop

Is the Building Pet Friendly?


Has Construction Finished?

Yes! The building finished in 2021 and is now ready for your viewing!

Who are the Developers, Builders and Property Managers?

Gardner Vaughan Group is the Developer, Builder and Manager for Monterey Kangaroo Point!

For more information, visit the DEVELOPER tab